Calendar of Classes & Events

DAY FRI 03/13/20, 6:30 PM

Women & Wine Series: GO GREEN!

Come learn super simple ways to prepare leafy greens so scrumptious even your pickiest eater won't complain!


Tonight's Topic: The "other" leafy greens: your finances: Send me your questions and concerns! We'll hear from an expert financial advisor!

DAY THUR 04/09/20, 6:30 PM

Women & Wine Series: HOP TO IT!

Desserts without the guilt! Not only can you indulge... these desserts pack a nutricious PUNCH! And YES... there's chocolate!


Learn how to get the most out of exercise even when time is a challenge.

DAY FRI 5/8/20, 6:30 PM

Women & Wine Series: MAMA MIA!

It's ALL about YOU mom! Whether you have human or fur babies, come learn how to transform your favorite comfort foods into delicious AND nutricious! (it CAN be done!)


Self-care is NOT selfish! Learn the how what and WHY self-care is NOT an extra, but a MUST. XOXO Happy Mother's Day <3

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